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Dental Care

Pet dental care is an important piece of the wellness program for any pet. Poor hygiene and damaged teeth in pets can lead to gum disease and systemic infections of the heart and other organs. Regular care significantly enhances your pet’s health and longevity.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

At Harlingen Veterinary Clinic, thorough oral exams and teeth cleaning are performed under anesthesia for your pet’s health and safety. Treated as seriously as any surgical procedure, your pet receives all of the precautions associated with administering anesthesia and is monitored diligently until fully recovered.

Pet Dental Home Care

Regular cleaning of your pet’s teeth is an important step to a strong dental care program. Every pet owner—even a child—can participate in keeping your pet’s mouth clean and healthy at home. Pay attention to the treats your pet receives—sugary tidbits should not be given to any pet. Special treats designed to enhance your pet’s oral health are available at most grocery stores and pet care outlets. We will be pleased to offer suggestions as to the appropriate pet food and treats for your special companion. Brushing your pet’s teeth is easy and can be fun for you both.

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