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Holistic Services

Harlingen Veterinary Clinic offers alternative pet care options, including veterinary acupuncture. 

Veterinary Acupuncture

Veterinary acupuncture is the art of manipulating needles in specific points on the body to create therapeutic responses to disease conditions. One of many alternative modalities in use at Harlingen Veterinary Clinic, veterinary acupuncture can treat a variety of disease conditions and injuries. Acupuncture works by changing the signaling pathways of the body, promoting pain relief, healing, and immune system stimulation. In this way, we help the body to help itself rather than using high doses of drugs, which are often more harmful to your pet. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with traditional treatments and can reduce side effects or lower dosages of medications. This treatment modality is used successfully in animals to help control pain, allowing muscles to relax and modulating the pain signals from the brain. Pets with arthritis, back pain, soreness, or lameness may experience significant relief with acupuncture and many receive this treatment on a regular basis. It is a great modality for use by active animals as well as senior pets. Acupuncturists enjoy a 75–80% success rate treating pain-related conditions, without the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals. As a method of treatment, acupuncture is best described by Jen Hson Lin, DVM, PhD:

“It does not matter whether the medicine be old or new, so long as it brings about a cure. It does not matter whether theories be eastern or western, so long as they prove true.”

The practice of acupuncture bridges the void between the disciplines of medicine and surgery. It allows us to treat a broad range of health and age-related conditions, without creating concern related to physical limitations. It is gentle on the elderly while relieving discomfort. Many conditions are treatable with acupuncture; however, it is most often used for muscular and skeletal disorders. Pets do not hold false expectations or demonstrate the placebo-effect, nor do they have any psychological predisposition for or against this technique. If your pet’s unique physical ailment responds positively, it will provide relief from pain and anxiety, greater mobility, and a more comfortable, extended life. To try this method of energy balancing to promote the body’s own natural healing abilities, contact Harlingen Veterinary Clinic for an appointment or pre-treatment consultation.