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Laboratory and Diagnostics

Harlingen Veterinary Clinic offers an in-house veterinary laboratory and advanced diagnostic technology on site for instant access—which means rapid results and more immediate response time in treating sick or injured patients. An accurate diagnosis of pet health problems allows us to begin treatment quickly, engage in surgery with more accuracy, or even re-test for progress, offering pet owners confidence and a greater peace of mind. Our veterinary diagnostics include: Urinalysis Blood testing Digital radiology Ultrasound

Digital Radiology

Veterinary radiology—or X-ray—is widely used for its speed and relatively low cost in diagnosing illness or injury in pets. Modern X-rays expose animals to relatively small doses of radiation that are harmless to your pet if not abused. Harlingen Veterinary Clinic offers our clients the latest in X-ray technology: digital radiology. This type of imaging produces a very detailed X-ray on a computer screen.

Veterinary Ultrasound

In veterinary ultrasound, a device emits high-frequency sound waves into the animal’s body and measures when the waves bounce back. A computer interprets the pattern and creates an image on a monitor. Ultrasound is painless and requires no chemicals, radiation, or entry into the body. It is safe to use on delicate tissue like the retina, the spinal cord, and developing fetuses. With the latest in diagnostic technology, our highly skilled professional veterinary care team, and a passion for personalized care, Harlingen Veterinary Clinic provides excellence in veterinary medicine with an old-fashioned commitment to compassion and respect.