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Parasite Prevention

Internal and external parasites are more than simple pests—they jeopardize the health of your pet by carrying diseases, damaging organs, and impacting the immune system of an animal, as well as causing extraordinary discomfort. Left untreated, a parasite infestation can lead to grave illness and even death of an animal.

External Parasites

Most common external parasites in pets include fleas, ticks, and mites—pests that can cause itching, dermatitis, allergies, and systemic diseases. Prevention medication for fleas and ticks has become confusing for consumers and often a frustrating problem. Over-the-counter preventives and treatments have very limited use, especially for pets that are outside on a regular basis. These products may be ineffective or can even cause irritation to the skin, coat, and eyes of your pet. While often less expensive, many of these treatments are a waste of your money and compromise the comfort and health of your pet. Your Harlingen veterinary professionals are experienced in the use of external parasite preventives and treatments, as well as choosing the most effective products for your pet. We are happy to discuss your pet’s needs and provide you with appropriate options for external parasite control.

Internal Parasites

Damaging and deadly, internal parasites are a health threat to your pet and the members of your family. Fortunately, treatment for parasites is often simple and inexpensive. Easily detected through simple lab tests, most parasites can be eliminated with a single dose of prescription medication. 

One example of an internal parasite is the Heartworm. The Heartworm is a serious and life-threatening risk to your pet. Spread by mosquitoes, this infection targets the heart and leads to almost certain death if left untreated. In addition, the treatment for a pet with a Heartworm infection is much more costly and potentially damaging then the medicine to prevent infection in the first place. At Harlingen Veterinary Clinic, we protect against heartworm infection with a monthly preventative. Prior to administration of a monthly preventative, we run a lab test to ensure your pet has not been previously infected with Heartworm. We recommend year-round prophylactic care for the prevention of this dangerous parasitic infection. For any internal parasite, we do not recommend the use of over-the-counter dewormers for your pets, as you may not be obtaining the correct medication for your pet’s specific problem. The wrong medication can be useless at best or can even make your pet sick—contact our office if you believe your pet may have an internal parasite problem. 

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